“When you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the world” - Shai Reshef

Who is Kiwi-El-Gato?

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Kiwi-El-Gato originally started off as a name for my pet cat, hence the name Kiwi-El-Gato or Kiwi-The-Cat in English. While a great name for a cat, how did it become the educational hotspot we have today? Well, it all started from a decision called E-Learning. Beginning in August of last year, students across the U.S. began their first online year. And as a result, we’ve experienced one of the hardest years for learning. While there are many controversies that surround E-Learning, the main issue (funny enough) was the learning. So as soon as winter break of that year hit, I set out to help students, the only way I knew how, YouTube. Because SAT and ACTs were coming up, I decided to create my first video to explain some of the best tips that helped me past my test. And soon enough one video turned into two, and two turned into ten. I found a passion for creating educational content and have been doing so ever since. After winter break, my cat Kiwi, passed away at thirteen years old. It was the first time I saw how quickly life can be taken away and motivated me to bring Kiwi-El-Gato to where it is now. If life could be taken away so swiftly, I was going to make sure I did the most I could with mine. And like the quote says above, education to one can change their life but education to many can change the world. And through Kiwi-El-Gato I am looking to change the world.



Today Kiwi-El-Gato has become very prominent around South Florida for its helpful and relevant educational content. Kiwi has reached thousands of students through its YouTube Channel and hundreds through its Instagram and Tik-Tok where it posts the latest educational updates. Since its creation last year, Kiwi-El-Gato has expanded to new areas such as application tutorials and film/videography. Through the hours of work spent with schools, clubs, and educational projects, Kiwi has earned the Principal’s Award for Nova High, an outstanding accomplishment I am grateful to have. While this shows we have had some success this year, there is still a great deal of work up ahead, especially if we have another virtual school year.



Kiwi has many exciting plans and goals in the years that lay ahead. Because social media is a great place to educate as shown through Kiwi, we are looking to post a series of videos for the new content creators ahead. These new videos will explain the best free video-editing tools as well as how to use them. Kiwi is also looking to post content about the expansive area of computer science. As our world become gradually more online each day, more and more people become scared of the cyberspace when they should embrace it. We understand the importance of computer technology and are going to convey that through our content.