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While college preparation can seem like a daunting task for many students, multiple companies and organizations have made the process much smoother through their online resources. Whether you need to prepare for a standardized test or find scholarships, these websites below will be a great help to you.


Great website to connect with colleges and become college ready. Free access to SAT, ACT, and AP exam content with consistent updates and access to new scholarships.


One of the best websites to prepare for the SAT/ACT, with real test questions, practice, and explanations. It also has some of the best AP lesson tutorials for free.


Website dedicated to preparing students for college. Gives access to hundreds of local and national scholarships as well as a college search engine to find the best college for you.


Some of the best tools any student can have are a set of online calculators. Because of ease and accessibility, you will find that most of time an online calculator will be better suited than a physical. Here are some of the most useful calculators I’ve came upon during the school year.


Web-application that has access to multiple math calculators for free. Examples include graphing, scientific, and matrix calculators. Also is available on phone for free as well.


A free semester grade calculator for any broward-county public school. Great for predicting which quarter grades are needed to get a certain semester grade.


A free semester grade calculator that can be used at any school. Features custom weighting that allows you to adjust the calculator to grade weighting and percentage of your school


A free integral calculator used to solve integrals. What’s great about this calculator is that it shows all steps for solving an integral as well.


A free derivative calculator used to solve derivatives. It also includes all steps to solving that derivative as well as give the process used to solve it.


A free web-application that can solve a variety of equations ranging from physics to calculus. Also offers explanations and lessons to solved problems.


Going into videography opens you up to the wide variety of applications needed to create a video. Whether you need an editor, or animator, here are all of best apps and web-applications that you can use for free to create your own video.


Free web-application that creates still and motion backgrounds. Also contains a variety of free templates to create logos, banners and more.


Free application that creates edited still images. Has access to many professional editing tools. Also is great for posters and YouTube thumbnails.


Free animation web-application that creates simple animations through a variety of templates and clips. Aslo can create animaed logos or banners for free.


Free editing software used to edit audio and visual content. Comes with great pre-installed effects and transitions.


Free video=editing software for Mac, and is very beginner friendly. Contains all of the basic tools to create a film from scratch.


Website that creates a transparent background on any image. Great for getting logos for videos on a website of application.


Website that creates a transparent background on any image and allows you to save the copy for free.


Website that provides great HD photos for free. Its search engine searches through multiple photo websites to get their free photos for you.


Website that provides great background images for free. Perfect for videos that require backdrop to lay content on.