Educational Videos

A short video going over the best features for students using Canvas. This includes a brief overview of the Canvas App and the Canvas Studio which commonly aren’t used by students.

A short film created to display the power of video-editing software. This particular film was edited using Davinci Resolve 17 which is free on both Mac and Windows. What’s great about this video was that it took only 2 people to create. It serves as a prime example of what’s possible through imagination and videography.

An animation created to explain to new students what Kiwi-El-Gato is, and how they can access Kiwi’s free content.

A promotional film created to display all of the new content coming to Kiwi-El-Gato this summer.

A video explaining what semester grades actually are, why their important, and how to calculate them. This video also comes with two free semester grade calculators as well.

A video explaining the requirements for volunteer hours, the forms required to register hours, and the hours needed to graduate high school and obtain certain scholarships.

A video explaining what exemption grades are, the requirements for exempting a class, and how to calculate an exempted grade. This video also offers a free document that automatically calculates your exemption grade.

A video explaining what Linear Equations are, all the formulas and content needed for them, and practice questions to explain them.

A video explaining how the factor quadratic equations and all the methods to factor different quadratics. It also offers worked out practice problems to factor quadratics.

A video explaining what Quadratic Equations are, all the formulas and content needed for them, and worked out practice questions to explain them.

A video explaining what systems of equations are and all the different properties they have. This video also provides different methods to solve them and visual/written worked out problems.

A video explaining what inequalities are, all the rules for solving inequalities, and worked out practice problems for them.

A video providing some of the best resources for a better SAT/ACT score.